Carpet Cleaning Methods: Shampoo vs Steam

When you decide that you need good carpet cleaning, the first question that will pop into your mind is which type of cleaning to choose and whether to pick a professional service or do it yourself. There are many different ways to clean your carpet. Like most people, you, too, probably vacuum your carpets often; […]

Getting Rid of Mould from Windows

Mould is a fungus that grows on almost any damp surface. Moulds of various kinds grow and multiply rapidly when their airborne spores meet with moisture. Moulds are resilient and oftentimes return with a vengeance even after being scrubbed away with soap and water. You will find mould in cool, dark and damp corners of […]

Sofa Cleaning – 8 Most Effective Tips

We spend a lot of time on sofas in our homes. So, they’re bound to get dirty and stained now and then. However, certain stains and spills can sometimes be tough to clean, not to mention the difficulty in getting those little crumbs out from between cushion covers.  That said, it doesn’t have to be […]

Get Rid of Wet Carpet Odour

That warm fuzzy feeling under your feet that a carpet gives you – especially in winter feels fantastic. However, life gets in the way, and your carpet can get stained, dirty – or worst of all, smelly.  When it comes to tiled flooring, they’re pretty easy to clean; the problem with carpets is that they […]

How to Get Crayon Marks Off your Walls

Is your child showing signs of being the next Picasso or da Vinci? Don’t worry about their crayon doodles on the walls, just celebrate their creativity! Instead of stopping children from running the occasional crayon or two along the walls, encourage them to spill their minds on paper. While it takes seconds to colour the […]

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, dry cleaning? With so many options to choose from – ones that sound too similar to one another, it isn’t easy to decide which option is best for you.  There are so many different types of cleaning methods because – as far as carpets go – there isn’t a one-size-fits-all […]

15 FAQs about Home Cleaning Answered

A clean and decluttered space enhances daily productivity and mental health. However, it is the process of cleaning that we often struggle with. We oftentimes get stuck because we don’t know where to start. The room cupboards or the kitchen cabinets? The list of nooks that need cleaning is endless.  NexDo curates a team of […]

Getting Rid Of Pet Fur 101

According to the latest Companion Animals in New Zealand Report, about two-thirds of all households in New Zealand have at least one companion animal.  But to us, that’s not surprising, given that well, dogs – and in our opinion, all animals – are man’s best friend. They bring us so much unconditional love, joy – […]

4 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from NexDo

What can you possibly give to the woman who can do it all? Finding the perfect gift for mom that shows her how much she’s appreciated while remaining thoughtful and practical at the same time is a pretty tall ask. So, to help you celebrate your mum, mother-in-law or even your grandma – we’ve put […]

Home Cleaning in Hamilton 

​Home cleaning is often the most feared item on every to-do list. It is an arduous task that keeps us boxed in, sometimes on the sunniest of days, preventing us from painting the town red as we polish the floor instead.  However, you should worry no more because now NexDo is expanding to Hamilton! NexDo’s […]