Taking care of our kitchen appliances is a necessary but cumbersome task that we often ignore until we have to deep clean. However, wiping clean the surfaces of the appliances once or twice a year is not enough – especially when it comes to ovens. Oven cleaning is required regularly alongside care and maintenance to last longer, improve their efficiency, and work optimally.

This article is a short guide on the benefits of oven cleaning, how they should be cleaned, and how professional cleaning services can enhance your experience of using your favourite cooking appliance.

The following are some reasons why oven hygiene should be an important part of your daily schedule- 

Cooks Healthier and Tastier Food

The main reason we use an oven is to cook our favourite dishes. Dirty ovens often taint new dishes with the smell or taste of previously cooked dishes. A clean oven can enhance the freshness, taste, and health of your meals. 

Ensures Fire Safety

The debris coating the sides, bottom and grills of the oven can become fire hazards. Leftover grease from dishes can also add to this risk. It can cause the oven to smoke and set off the fire alarm. These sediments increase the risk of fire, while a clean oven will reduce these risks and make your kitchen and home safer.

Prevents Food Infection

In addition to preparing fresher tasting food, clean ovens are germ-free and prevent health risks for the family. Regular cleaning prevents germs from accumulating or incubating in the oven and causing severe illnesses.

Improves Efficiency and Longevity

Cleaning the oven regularly, although a time-consuming process, ensures that your oven operates at its optimal efficiency for a longer period of time. Cleaning it regularly maintains its internal temperatures, keeps the engine running smoothly, and prevents corrosion, which leads to an extended lifespan for the oven.

Adds to the Kitchen Aesthetic

Additionally, a spotless oven adds to the brightness of the kitchen, adding to its aesthetics, and motivating you to come up with more recipes and dishes to include in your growing repertoire. 

So, How Often Should the Oven Be Cleaned?

How often to clean the oven depends on how regularly it is used. The oven itself has some tell-tale signs that indicate it is time for a clean. Crusts or residue coating on the grill, sides or bottom and grease on the screen or grime coating call out for in-depth cleaning. Another indication is odour. Any kind of unusual scent arising on starting up the oven is a sign for cleaning. Lastly, if the oven is producing smoke or smouldering, it is time for inspection and deep-cleaning.

We usually recommend cleaning the oven by a bio specialist professional every three to four months. There are multiple advantages of using a professional oven cleaning service. Some of these include:-

1. They Use the Right Tools

The oven has many components that require attention and specific tools to avoid damage while cleaning it. Professionals carry the equipment necessary to execute this function and deal with a messy list of situations. NexDo professionals carry all the cleaning equipment, along with their expertise, to wipe away the grime as well as your worry about cleaning the oven.

2. They Clean Before It’s Too Late

A professional technician efficiently cleans your oven in a timely manner. If you subscribe to regular cleaning services, you won’t need to remind them or worry about the oven getting too dirty. With police verified and trusted professionals, NexDo technicians care for your oven with personal attention and expertise because it is the most important part of your kitchen.

3. They Ensure Safe Cleaning

In-depth oven cleaning requires navigating through pieces of heavy machinery and delicate parts which could cause damage to you, the kitchen surface, or the parts themselves. Trained experts are aware of the safety risks involved in the deep cleaning of the ovens and are the best people to trust your oven with. 

4. They are Cost-Effective

Although the cost of hiring a professional may seem high at the time, it has many cost-saving benefits in the long term. First, a clean oven is more efficient in its energy distribution and will save on energy bills. Second, it will be less prone to damage and thus avoid incurring maintenance costs. Finally, owing to these factors, your oven will last for longer and cook more healthy and delicious dishes for you and your family. This increases its health and safety benefits, ensuring a complete utilisation of the oven.

Furthermore, NexDo provides great deals and a transparent and upfront pricing system, which lets you know that you are getting a service that adds value to the cost spent by you.

5. They Provide A Comfortable Solution

Most importantly, professional cleaning services save you time and effort to not only clean the oven, but also to learn how to clean the oven. They work as per your schedule and clean your oven at a time that serves you best. At NexDo, for example, you can book the professional services that you require (depending on if you need single oven or double oven cleaning), arrange the time most convenient for you, and sit back as your oven is transformed into its very best self. 

Oven cleaning doesn’t have to be an arduous task, it can be seamless and highly beneficial. With professionals at NexDo helping you out, you are sure to embrace kitchen and oven cleaning with a spring in your step.