Between the sadness of leaving a place that used to be your home and the excitement of moving into a new phase of your life, moving house is a bittersweet process. 

If you’re moving homes soon, we’re sure you’ve got a huge to-do list to handle!

It’s super important to stay on top of things and be very organised when you’re packing up one home and moving your life into another.

So, to help, we’ve brought you a checklist to help you keep track of the most important tasks. 

  1. Plan Essentials For Moving Day

You know you have to hire a moving van – or even a professional moving company – this is one of the most significant costs involved when moving houses. 

However, apart from this, there are plenty of little expenses that add up quite fast. So, if you plan ahead and take care of all your essentials, you’ll spend much less time and money dealing with things at the last minute.

The first thing is to figure out what your moving out budget is. Once you know what the costs will be, you can begin properly planning the move. 

Here are a few of the expenses you are likely to incur:

  • Hiring a moving house company
  • Hiring packers – if you need the extra help.
  • Buying packing supplies – you might need a variety of box sizes, box fillers, tape, pens, labels, and so on.
  • Move-in and move-out cleaning services – if required. You want to make sure you leave your home spic and span so that you get the entirety of your deposit back!
  • Fuel money – especially if you’re going to be driving around a lot. 
  • Pay attention to expenses related to moving into a new house – like the cost of new fittings, furniture, or decor pieces. 
  • Activating your wifi and other services.

And, when planning your move, plan to take care of the essentials too! 

  • Donate items that you know you will not need. Not only will this help you declutter, but you’ll also be lessening the load while packing and moving house!
  • Make sure you pack an overnight kit – with a change of clothes, toothbrushes and so on so that your first night and day in your new home is as easy as can be. 
  • Pack some food – or make sure you have money on hand to order in some food. Since you would have packed up your kitchen tools and likely will be unable to unpack and use them the day you move. 
  • Have a checklist handy for each room so that you know when each job is done. 

Also, try to chalk out a timeline for the move. For example, if you are looking to move in one month, make sure you have a packing plan – and some things already packed up – by the first 2 weeks. 

  1. Switching Addresses

This one often goes unnoticed – until it’s too late! Make a list of the places and people you need to notify about your move. 

This is an important step no matter if you move to a new home in the same neighbourhood or to a new state. 

Here are a few of the people and organisations you should notify of your change of address:

  • The local council – both past and new. 
  • Your employer – this depends on case to case, so check in with your HR beforehand.
  • Your utility companies – so that you can manage your gas, water, electric, phone, internet and other utilities with ease. 
  • Your doctors
  • Your banks
  • Your insurance providers – and ensure that you have home insurance at your new address.
  • Newspaper, magazine, and other subscription-based services and products.
  • Postal services – Either your postal address or even a forwarding address. 
  1. Clean As You Go

No matter how much time you have lived in your current home, you would have accumulated plenty of items. From big pieces of furniture to a variety of decor pieces and clutter, you’ll have it all! 

A good practice is to take a walk around your home and declutter as you go – so that you don’t take along with you things you don’t need to your new home – increasing the amount of storage space you have too! 

What’s more, as you take time to declutter and gather things up – it helps to begin the cleaning process too. 

This will help you see any areas of concern that need attention and areas to clean too. This reduces the amount of effort and time you will spend completing your move-out cleaning process too!

  1. Miscellaneous Items

Take extra special care when moving delicate and miscellaneous items. For instance, if you’re a plant lover, you should take into consideration the process of house moving and relocating your precious household plants into their new home. 

There are also some often forgotten – until the last minute at least – items like outdoor appliances and accessories, ornaments, ladders, doormats, and even hangers from your closets!

Ensure that you take your time when you pack your household cleaning supplies, too – since you wouldn’t want them to spill over any of your other belongings. 

  1. Important Documents

If there is only one thing on this list that you pay extra attention to – it’s to keep your valuables and important paperwork in a safe place. Organising them into files and folders and keeping them around you is always a great idea – so they don’t get lost in the moving process.

Keep a folder with all moving out and moving in related documents on hand too. 

Some of the important paperwork to file away safely are:

  • Tax-related paperwork
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Passports
  • Driving licenses
  • Any other forms of Id
  • Store/club cards
  • Bills

Finally, when your moving day arrives, and when all the boxes and

bags have been moved out, take a slow walk through your old home, check that no personal belongings remain and that you’ve left your house as clean as possible. 

Oh, and don’t forget to savour the moment too!