Home cleaning is an odious task, especially when there are so many other exciting and engaging activities lined up on our to-do list. Hence, we are presenting you with the optimal solution to the onerous activity of cleaning – NexDo. Also known as the “Uber for home services,” this Auckland-based company’s app is all set to transform the way we look at home services.

Founded by Sakshin Niranjan, NexDo was started in 2019 with the business model to connect home service providers to customers. Their services are booked via the company’s app or website. Today, Nexdo is growing exponentially and expanding its business to other parts of New Zealand. 

After successfully providing a vast range of services in Auckland, NexDo has come to Wellington, bringing the comfort and excellence that accompanies vetted and qualified professionals to meet home service needs. NexDo has received more than $3.5 million in funding led by Ex Morrison & Co/Infratil CEO Marko Bogoievski, Ex Spark exec & Spark Ventures founder/CEO Rod Snodgrass, Serial Entrepreneur/early-stage investor Jonathan Reid, and Entrepreneur/prolific technologist Hemant Walter-Rao. NexDo also employs more than 100 home service providers throughout their various home services. Supporting local businesses and upgrading customer experiences are important to them. NexDo’s funding rounds have been led by 

After successfully serving more than 10,000 customers in Auckland alone, NexDo is here to win hearts in the bright and windy city of Wellington. 

What are the services provided by NexDo that you can avail of in Wellington?

1. Standard Home Cleaning

– Vetted Professionals
– Schedule according to your convenience
– Market Standard Equipment

NexDo’s standard home cleaning service ticks all the right boxes. You can be assured that your home will look as good as new with every cleaning service. Similarly, with professional cleaners and services with MOJ certification, your home is in safe hands as you take a well-earned break or enjoy other activities while we take up the mundane task of cleaning. If you’re looking for Home Cleaning in Wellington, we’ve got you covered.

2. Home Deep Cleaning

Time for deep cleaning always comes around too soon. When you come home tired from work, even cleaning the tiny moulds and out-of-the-way cobwebs can seem like a mountainous task. Here is where easy-to-book professional deep cleaning services come to the rescue. You can be rest assured that the grime won’t be in sight for another good three months at least with NexDo’s trustworthy professionals deep-cleaning your space! We got you covered if you’re looking for Deep Cleaning in Wellington.

3. Carpet Cleaning

As comfortable and good-looking as they are, carpet cleaning can be a nasty task. Getting rid of the stains, indents, and dirt is not as easy as it sounds. However, your carpets will be as bright as the smile on your face upon seeing them clean with the accessibility to NexDo professionals for carpet cleaning in Wellington. The carpet cleaning service takes care of shampooing and/or steam cleaning your carpet to give it the makeover of your dreams. Now, your carpets will feel just as good as on the day you got them. We got you covered if you’re looking for Carpet Cleaning in Wellington.

4. Oven Cleaning

For delicious and healthy meals that lighten up the dinner table, our ovens must be clean. However, due to the many parts and intricacies of ovens, great care must be taken when cleaning them to prevent damage. You can also choose between single and double oven cleaning services as per your preference. If you’re looking for Oven Cleaning in Wellington, we’ve got you covered.

5. Move Out/Move In Cleaning

Want to leave your old home spotless for your landlord to receive your complete deposit? 

Leave the stress of move out/move in cleaning to the home service providers at NexDo, who will meticulously clean every corner of the house. They will help you alleviate the stress of moving out by removing every stain, mould, and cobweb. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for Move out Cleaning in Wellington.

Why should you choose NexDo?

1. Booking Them is Easier than Getting a Latte

The app and website make the booking process fast and simplified. With a wide range of service options and professionals to choose from, this process of booking a home service has never been more convenient.

2. They Prioritise Your Comfort

NexDo’s service providers are vetted and trained to take care of all your home needs. They are adept at wiping away your worries as they wipe the surfaces. They bring with them all the required tools to carry out the service processes and they handle your space with the utmost care. What’s more, is that the professionals will be at your doorstep at the time that is suitable for you. So don’t bother moving around your schedule because they’ll work around yours!

3. Guaranteed and Safe Services

The payment is upfront and there are no hidden fees. The platform lists a variety of services that you can choose from and there is the security of payment and a guarantee of service provided at every step of the way. Their professionalism is sure to put you at ease and assure you that your home is in good and safe hands.

4. A Vast Range of Services

NexDo offers to sort out most of your household requirements just at the click of a button. This method brings together the service and the provider in the fastest and simplest ways. 

I am convinced! But, how do you book your preferred service?

In the following three simple steps- 

  1. Log in to the app or go to www.nexdo.store. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  1. Skim through their services and choose the one that is most appropriate for your needs.
  1. Once you agree to the price given, you can book the time that is most convenient for you.

With NexDo’s highly accessible app and website that is constantly updated and seamlessly managed by A one-stop solution for all your home services in Wellington, NexDo has a highly accessible app and web presence that is constantly updated and managed seamlessly by customer service. By connecting customers with trained cleaning professionals, NexDo makes the dream of a spotless space an easy reality!