Is your child showing signs of being the next Picasso or da Vinci? Don’t worry about their crayon doodles on the walls, just celebrate their creativity! Instead of stopping children from running the occasional crayon or two along the walls, encourage them to spill their minds on paper. While it takes seconds to colour the walls, it may take hours to clean the “beautiful mess” off the walls created by your budding artists. 

Fortunately, there are countless wall cleaning ways in which you can try and remove crayon stains. Some of these are even home remedies that are “greener” and involve non-toxic cleaning ingredients. They are child-friendly and environment-friendly and are made up of easily available ingredients you are likely to find in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet. 

Some of these DIY cleaning methods are the following –

1. Soap and Water Solution

Start with the simplest solution. A classic combination of soap and water can work wonders as a wall cleaning solution. Soak a microfibre cloth in some water (can be warm water) mixed with soap and run it gently over the coloured wall. Gentleness is key here to avoid chipping off the wall paint or getting the wall too wet. It is also advisable to keep rinsing the cloth before every scrub. This will avoid spreading crayon marks from one spot to another. 

2. Baking Soda Blend

A cleaning staple in every household, baking soda is perfect for removing the most stubborn stains. Mix the baking soda with some water until it forms a thick paste or dab the soda directly onto the wall with a moist rag. This mix should clean the crayon marks. Once cleaned, remove the baking soda with a damp cloth and wipe dry with another cloth. This should leave the wall spotless and bright. 

3. Vinegar Brush for Wall Cleaning

Another universal wall cleaning staple, vinegar is an effective ingredient in all cleaning solutions. The acetic acid breaks down the wax and reduces the hard work of incessantly scrubbing the walls to get the crayons off. Take a toothbrush, dip it in some vinegar, and brush against the crayon marks. Be gentle with the process and apply slight pressure only when necessary. The stains will be out of sight in no time! 

4. Touch of Toothpaste as a Wall Cleaning method 

Other than brightening your gorgeous smile, this bathroom essential will give you another reason to beam. Using an old toothbrush, smear some toothpaste on the crayon-coloured area of the wall and start brushing. Non-gel toothpaste is just as good at fighting cavities as they are at removing stains. Be sure to clean up the paste with a damp cloth after the colour has been taken off the wall. 

How to Get Crayon Off The Wall Without Going Insane

5. Blow Dryer Magic

Blow your worries away with this incredible hack! Crayon wax can be melted with a blow dryer and be wiped clean. Keep a damp cloth handy to clear the dripping crayons. This trick is easy, non-messy, and worth a try.

6. Mayonnaise Mix

An unusual choice for wall cleaning, mayonnaise is sure to leave your walls crayon free. Not only is Mayonnaise a tasty accompaniment to your kid’s mealtime favourites, but it will also allow them to hone their artistic abilities on the walls. Apply a smear of mayonnaise to the crayon-coloured walls and leave it for a few minutes. After this, you can wash off the mayonnaise gently with a damp cloth. Soon you should have a clean slate for a wall! 

7. Eraser Edition for Wall Cleaning

Erase your worries, especially while dealing with delicate wallpapers and crayon marks. A normal pencil eraser can be used to remove the stubborn crayon marks from wallpapers and walls. Used gently, they will ensure minimal damage to the carefully curated shades of the wallpaper and are one of the handiest methods of cleaning.

8. Steel Wool and Soap Scrub

Steel wool is not only a dish-washing staple, it can also scrub the crayon off the wall. This accessible kitchen tool could also be used to scrub clean the canvas used by our children. Gentle scrubbing with the steel wool is sure to make the crayon marks wear off and reveal the shades you had originally picked for your walls. 

Further, you could also use stain-free paint to start with so that crayons don’t make a mark on the walls at all. These paints do not absorb dirt and stains, making it easier to wipe away any of those creative liberties taken by your kids with a single sweep of a simple wet wipe. While this may be one of the easiest ways to get rid of the crayons, it is however not for everyone. Choosing to repaint the house may not always be feasible, and thus, the handy home remedies are here to stay. 

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