Cleaning is cleaning, right? So what’s the difference between a good old-fashioned standard cleaning and a deep clean?

The thing is, there’s a big difference between the two. Deep cleaning – is just that – it gets to the places you usually wouldn’t reach when you do daily cleaning. But to help you understand the difference completely – we’re here to take you on a deep dive (pun intended) through it. 


But first, what does standard cleaning even mean?

A standard or regular home cleaning comprises the tasks you do regularly to keep your house spick and span. Think of it as your daily vacuuming, biweekly mopping and other tasks that keep dust and dirt away. 

However, there are times when you cannot do it – like work trips, vacations, important family occasions. Or maybe, you want to relax for the weekend completely. And that’s where a professional cleaning service steps in. When hiring a professional company to do a regular clean of your home, the services usually consist of:

  • Cleaning and dusting surface-level areas of all your rooms
  • General mopping
  • External cleaning of your cabinets in kitchens and wardrobes in bedrooms
  • Removal of visible cobwebs, etc.  And a general clean of bathrooms and kitchen hardware

And what’s even better is that professional services complete these tasks in a short time, so you can get the job done very quickly. However, you might need to take an extra step every once in a while. For example, have you ever seen that thin whitish layer of dust on top of your tv or photo frames in your home? And to get rid of it, simply wipe it with a cloth, and voila, it’s gone! 

What happens here is that this dust ends up going into the nooks and crannies behind furniture and in corners of your home. Over time, this dust and dirt accumulates and becomes much harder to remove. 

That’s where you need a deep clean. 

Unlike the standard clean, a deep clean usually only needs to be done a few times a year. It consists of all tasks covered in a standard clean – and then some. It often involves sanitising and disinfecting areas, getting into those hard to reach places and getting rid of those tough stains and marks. If you’re moving out of your home you’re better off going with a move out cleaning service to secure your bond back.

Though it takes much longer to do – the time depending on the size of your home, you can expect:

  • Removal of soap scum from surfaces like kitchens and bathrooms 
  • Scrubbing tiles and grou
  • Cleaning the areas behind and beneath appliances and furnitur
  • Cleaning of your cabinets and wardrobes – both in and out, and so much more! 
  • Wiping down window sills, wooden doors and other areas that usually aren’t paid much attention to.

Sounds great, right? 

But how often does your house require a Deep Clean?

Usually, you’d do a deep clean multiple times throughout the year – to give yourself a great fresh start!

Other specific times you may need a deep clean include: 

  1. Your yearly spring cleaning
  2. In preparation for an important event 
  3. After a party or event hosted in your home

What are the advantages of a deep clean over a standard clean?

One of the significant advantages of a deep clean – is that it gives you a head start in maintaining your space from thereon out! Once the professional service comes in and takes care of all the hard to reach areas, it makes things much easier for you to keep up the momentum and maintain your space the way you want! 

To do a proper deep clean, you need to buy the disinfectants and tools that professional home cleaners use. This can be very expensive and difficult to store at home. So it helps you save not only time – but money too! 

What are the benefits of using professionals for a deep clean or standard clean?

Now, you may keep your home spick and span. But deep cleaning is a huge task and can easily seem overwhelming. Professionals come with: 

  1. The expertise and experience-based know-how. 
  2. They’ll get the job done quicker than you can imagine. 
  3. They are all police vetted so you are safe to leave the job to them!

And in turn, this helps you save time and gives you the space to relax. 

So why choose NexDo?

At NexDo, we pride ourselves on the service we provide. Our home cleaning professionals go through an intensive process to get our stamp of approval. We go the extra mile by offering services like linen changes and unparalleled customer experience. So, the next time you want to get your home cleaned – give us a shout. We promise, you won’t regret it!