Have you ever heard how people say you need to clean up before the cleaners come? While that sounds odd – it actually is quite a helpful piece of advice. Most people think this is so that the house cleaners don’t think you – or your household – are slobs. However, the real reason is, in doing so, you’ll enable the cleaners to do their job effectively. While you will be leaving the actual cleaning up to the experts, you can do a few key things to make the most of the experience.

STEP 1: Choose the Right House Cleaning Service

It all starts here. Do your homework and make sure you choose the right home cleaning service to avoid any misunderstandings. The quickest way is to ask friends and family for their recommendations. A faster method is to do a simple search online. Once you find a reputable company, go through the cleaning services on offer and the tasks covered under each service. For example, at NexDo, we cover standard and deep home cleaning, and clean targeted areas like internal cupboards, scrub mold, and wipe down doors! And you can check out each of the tasks covered under each service here.

Once you’ve chosen the service that meets your needs, picked the date, and booked the appointment, you can prepare for their arrival. Now, this doesn’t have to mean that you have to clean up right before they come. The preparation process can begin a few days in advance – so it’s as stress-free as can be. The first step to preparing for their arrival is to


STEP 2: Declutter Rooms That Need Cleaning

You know how you come home after a long day and casually leave loose change – or spam mail – on the nearest tabletop? Well, those little items accumulate over time, and before you know it, you have these bits and pieces strewn all over the house.

So start going through the items and get rid of the ones that are of no value to you. Not only will this help you organise your home better, but it also gives the house cleaners the opportunity to spend more time on the actual cleaning process and much less on organising and decluttering your home. After all, that’s what you’ve hired them for. Oh, and while you’re at it…the next point helps tremendously. 


STEP 3: Secure Important Items Before Cleaners Get There

Imagine that the cleaners have come in, and they see a lot of different documents, junk mail or old newspapers on your coffee table. They might mix all of these items up – and you could lose something important in the bargain. Or, if you have any expensive vases, figurines, or other such items around, it’s best to keep them away. You wouldn’t want to risk them accidentally breaking.

It would be hard to expect the cleaners to know all the items you attach importance to. It’s not always about monetary value – because, as humans, we attach sentimental value to things others might think are unimportant. To enhance the experience, you can even go one step further. 


STEP 4: Make Room for House Cleaners to Work 

It can be a little distracting to clean spaces when many small items are in the way. You may have small furniture pieces placed in front of sockets, your pet’s toy boxes, or your child’s play mat around your home. By removing these things, you will be providing the house cleaners with enough room to move their equipment around – and give them a clear view of where they can plug in heavy machinery. 

More importantly, when vacuums and other large equipment are in use, there will be wires across your floors. These wires might get caught around these items, which has the potential to lead to accidents. Considering your house cleaners could have allergies or even phobias, it would be considerate to keep your pets away during the cleaning process – so you can avoid any stress on both parts. Now, once the cleaners arrive, the next step is pretty essential. 


STEP 5: Show them Around the House

Take them around your home and clearly communicate your needs and the areas you’d like them to pay special attention to. For example, if you usually can’t get to the top of that cupboard to wipe off the dust, then ask them if they could look into areas like that. 

When you hired the cleaners, you would have chosen a particular type of cleaning service, for instance, a standard cleaning. However, specific tasks that you’d like completed might not be included in this service. So, in that case, you might need to upgrade the service. 

This part may get tricky with some service providers, whereas others might already pre-empt this and have processes ready to handle these last-minute changes. For instance, with NexDo, if you needed an extra service or a complete upgrade, the service provider would inform us about the new requirement. We would then swiftly get in touch with you to let you know about the additional cost and then internally upgrade the service and fees. Giving you a hassle-free experience! Once you’ve got all these details in place, there’s just one thing left to do. 


STEP 6: Leave it to the Professionals

Since you’ve chosen a professional home cleaning service, you don’t need to micromanage at all. Through extensive experience, the home cleaners will know the best ways and tools to clean different areas of your home. So you can sit back and relax. 

So, you can see, the proper preparation for a house cleaner’s visit will go a long way in allowing them to do a good job. And if you have any feedback to give, it helps the service provider do a better job in the future.