With a long list of chores to complete at home, the incomplete tasks left for work, and juggling your personal life, you have a lot to do without much time to do it.

However, there is always a silver lining. In this case, in the form of help from a housekeeper or professional home cleaners

The difference between the two is often misunderstood, so we’re here to make it easier to understand.

To begin with, a housekeeper is someone you employ to come to your home and help you care for it a few times a week or even every day. 

On the other hand, a home cleaner or cleaners are professionals from a service you hire to complete certain home cleaning or maintenance tasks for a fee. 

To help decide between hiring a housekeeper or a home cleaner, here is a list of each of their pros and cons. 

Pros Of A Housekeeper

Hiring a housekeeper comes with many advantages – the main one being:

  • Flexibility

When you have a housekeeper, their job role is not restricted to only cleaning your home. A housekeeper can help you with the cleaning and help out with household chores, weekly grocery shopping, general maintenance, collecting packages when you’re not home, running errands, laundry and so on.  

In addition to this, they provide a sense of comfort since you and your family will be familiar with them – and they learn all about your preferences and will know the brands of items you like and how you want your home organised. 

This leads to you having a lot more free time on your hands, which allows you to go ahead and relax!

Cons Of A Housekeeper

  • Not A Professional Cleaner

Although a housekeeper will be able to help with all of your household chores, their service offerings are still limited. 

For example, a housekeeper may be able to clean your kitchen and bathrooms, but they will not be able to deep clean your kitchen or remove grime from your bathroom floors. This may be due to a lack of experience in these tasks or even because they won’t have access to the necessary tools. 

  • High Cost Involved

Depending on your needs, you may need to hire a housekeeper to come to your house daily or even a few times a week. However, hiring a housekeeper comes at a high cost. 

Take Auckland, for example; the cost of hiring a knowledgeable, experienced and reliable housekeeper ranges anywhere from a staggering $30 to $50 per hour – not a price that most of us can afford!

  • Provide Cleaning Supplies

As the customer, you will need to supply the housekeeper with all the necessary tools and equipment. 

If you need your housekeeper to help with more intensive cleaning services, you will need to purchase and store the required tools and equipment. 

Aside from the high cost of purchasing these tools, you will also need to allocate space in your home to store all of them. 

Pros Of A Home Cleaner

  • Professional cleaning services

House cleaners have plenty of in-depth experience in various cleaning services. 

They will bring their expert knowledge to help complete tasks quickly, with no damage to your furniture, floorings, or upholstery. 

Their services will range from a simple home cleaning to a deep clean of bathrooms and kitchens and even a thorough cleaning of your sofas, carpets, and mattresses. 

The methods that a home cleaner will use involve special tools, machinery, and solutions. Aside from keeping things clean, it also has a whole host of benefits, like increasing the longevity of your furniture and improving the overall health of your home environment!

  • Inclusive Of Supplies & Equipment

Regardless of the type of service chosen, the professional house cleaners come to your home with all of the cleaning supplies, tools and machinery they will need. 

So you will not need to purchase, store or maintain any of the equipment, freeing up much-needed storage space. 

The cost of the cleaning team that comes includes all of this machinery and the cleaning solutions too!

Cons Of A Home Cleaner

  • Lack Of A Personal Connection

You only hire a professional house cleaner when you need certain home maintenance services completed every few months.

This means that each time you book an appointment, you may be assigned to different individuals.

At times this may make it challenging to create a rapport with the cleaners who visit your home. Additionally, you would also have to let each team know what you like, where to pay special attention, and any other personal preferences that you may have. 

  • Preparation Before A Service

Usually, cleaning services are flexible – so you can practically book them at a time that suits you.

Depending on the cleaning service you’ve chosen, you may have to prep your space accordingly. 

This means getting rid of clutter, keeping any personal or valuable belongings away, and putting away toys or books left around the house. 

You may also have to move small furniture pieces and carpets out of the way should you need the home cleaner to access your floors. 

A good idea would be to speak with the service at the time of booking and when they arrive so that you can get an idea of the type of preparation you might need to do and let them know if you have any concerns.