A clean and decluttered space enhances daily productivity and mental health. However, it is the process of cleaning that we often struggle with. We oftentimes get stuck because we don’t know where to start. The room cupboards or the kitchen cabinets? The list of nooks that need cleaning is endless. 

NexDo curates a team of professional house cleaners to help those in Auckland maneuver through this maze of home cleaning. To avail of their services, follow this 3 step process –

1. Log in to their website/app
2. Select the service you require
3. Choose a convenient time

– and watch as your house turns squeaky clean!

As simple as that sounds, we are sure you might still have several questions with regard to NexDo’s cleaning process. We have answered the following list of questions we get asked most frequently.

1. How much does it cost to get my house cleaned?

Most house cleaners in Auckland charge around $40- $60 per hour per person. Hence, it might be more cost-effective for you to get a home cleaning package offered by NexDo.

Depending on the size of the house, NexDo charges around $70 for the standard cleaning ($140 for the deep cleaning) of a 1 bedroom apartment.

2. Which service do I choose? Standard or a deep clean?

A standard clean ensures basic levels of cleanliness. It usually includes the vacuuming and mopping of floors, tidying of shelves, cupboards, and other spaces, and the thorough cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms.

On the other hand, a deep clean is usually done every six months or a year. As the name suggests, it involves cleaning out the dirt that may have settled deep in the walls and floors of your home. It includes the removal of dirt linings on showerheads, taps, tiles, big furniture, appliances such as washing machines and ovens, etc. A deep clean service includes the services offered in the standard cleaning package as well as the washing of windows, doors, baseboards, sinks, and more.

To know which of the two is suitable for you, you can connect with NexDo’s hotline at 0800525256 and discuss your requirements and options.

3. Do NexDo house cleaners in Auckland bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment?

Yes, cleaners from NexDo carry their own cleaning supplies and equipment! The cleaners use state-of-the-art technology and sustainable products to ensure the quality of the service is second to none.

4. Is there a checklist of services included in the home cleaning package?

Under every service listed on the NexDo website, you will find a “+” sign. Click on that to find a detailed list of services that are included as a part of the home cleaning services.

6. Do you have any hidden charges?

No. The rates listed on the website are inclusive of GST and the costs of the products and supplies we use to clean the house. No hidden charges, only hidden surprises of how clean your house will look after the NexDo cleaners leave it!

7. Do I have to be home during the service?

House cleaners in Auckland come to clean your home at a time convenient to you. In case you won’t be at home during the service, you can add additional instructions on your booking. Nexdo cleaners are sure to follow them strictly and safely. 

8. How many people will come to clean my house?

NexDo has several teams of various sizes in most neighbourhoods of Auckland. The number of cleaners assigned to your home depends on the size of the house and the availability of cleaners in your area. 

9. How long will it take for my house to get cleaned?

Time plays a huge role in the cleaning of your house. Nexdo cleaners strive to clean your space as quickly as possible without compromising on quality and care. The number of hours it takes depends on the size of your house and the number of cleaners involved. 

10. What can I do to prepare for the cleaning session?

Once you chose the cleaning service you require, you can share all additional details such as – 

  • which areas need more attention
  • details that you’d like the cleaners to be mindful of during the cleaning process. 

NexDo house cleaners in Auckland are equipped with all the cleaning material, knowledge, and skills required to leave your space spotless and shiny!

12. What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

You can reschedule your booking by contacting the NexDo support team via the chat feature on the website or their hotline – 0800525256. Charges are calculated based on the time prior to the appointment date you request a reschedule. For instance, 50% of the total rate will be charged if you choose to reschedule the session within 60 minutes of the appointment time.

13. Does NexDo charge extra if I book a cleaning session over the weekend?

No, NexDo doesn’t. You can book their cleaning services for any day of the week at the same rate. Don’t worry about a change in price, schedule a home cleaning session for the most convenient date and time. 

14. Do you charge extra for one-off services?

Usually, home cleaning packages cover all the spaces of your home and include one-off services. However, the final rates depend on the size of your home and the nature of the additional service. 

15. How soon can I book a cleaning session?

The earliest available date for your selected service will be depicted once you log in and start your booking process. Since NexDo has several house cleaners in Auckland, they should be available on the dates selected by you. However, it is always a good idea to book in advance, so that you can block your dates and plan around the session. 

16. What if I am unhappy with the service?

NexDo takes its feedback and client satisfaction very seriously. Please use the chat feature or call at the hotline number – 0800525256 to share your concerns with a support member. They will do their best to understand your concerns and find a solution for the same.

17. Why should I choose NexDo as my home cleaning partner?
NexDo offers an array of home cleaning services. They range from simply getting a single sofa cleaned to conducting a deep clean of the exteriors and interiors of your home. You can choose the service you require on the date and at the time you are most comfortable with. Furthermore, NexDo house cleaners in Auckland carry all the equipment and products they require to give your home the spotless shine it deserves.