Vacuum. Mop. Laundry. Dishes. Repeat. 

Does this sound familiar to you? It does to us. It’s a regular home cleaning day-to-day checklist. Sure, it does a good job keeping things tidy, but is it really enough?

Maybe not. You see, there are a few areas you sometimes forget to clean. Of course, home cleaning is a tiring job, so that is bound to happen. 

So, the next time you clean up around your home, keep our checklist of these often forgotten areas with you!

Walls & Skirting Boards

Let’s start at the top. One of the golden rules we follow as professional house cleaners are to always start at the top and work our way down. This is because, as you’re dusting & mopping – dirt and dust fall to the bottom. So when you finally get to vacuuming & mopping your floors, you can be sure that you’ve swept away every last bit!

Dust accumulates on every surface – yes – even your walls & skirting. 

The skirting is that tiny elevated surface bordering your walls (usually at the bottom). Since this elevation forms an indent, it tends to collect dust and dirt quickly. 

The problem is that while we vacuum up our floors, we forget to clean the skirting – since the vacuum won’t reach there. And we forget it while dusting because it’s too far down to notice?

Another area is the frames around our windows and doors. 

Try using a damp cloth and wiping down that surface before you begin vacuuming floors every once in a while. This makes it easier to catch dust. 

If you have kids or pets running around your home all day, those hand (or paw) prints add up over time! Luckily, all you usually need to do is wipe your walls down with a soft cloth with a wall-safe all-purpose cleaner. 

In case there are stubborn stains or grime that you can’t seem to get rid of, you can always ask your house cleaner to tackle it during your routine home deep cleaning.

Top Of Your Furniture

Just like your walls and floors get dirty – so does the top of your furniture. These areas are overlooked – because, quite simply, we don’t see them as much & they’re hard to reach. 

If you look carefully, you’ll notice more dust and dirt that you think could be there. And this holds true for even fans and light fixtures. 

Another area is on our furniture itself. While you change your sheets and pillows often – how often do you take care of the rest of your upholstery on sofas and other seating areas? Especially considering beds are used as often as couches.

Sure, it’s not as easy to wash every week, but try taking them to the cleaners every few months. 

Inside Your Shelves & Cabinets

It’s what on the inside that counts, right? People assume that those areas always stay clean because clean clothes are placed in our closets and fresh utensils in our drawers. 

And that’s where things go wrong. Dust travels quickly, and when you open and close these areas frequently, it enables dirt & dust to reach these areas too. 

If you have carpeted floors, it makes it even more likely that bacteria & dirt stick all over your house – even on your closet floors!

The same goes for areas like your kitchen – where crumbs fall everywhere, all the time. Or your bathrooms, where moisture and spillages are frequent, and mould tends to spread. 

So, every now and then, make sure you remove all the contents of your shelving units and cabinetry, wipe the insides down with a disinfectant, and put back your clothes, tools, utensils, etc. Shelf liners are an excellent way to collect the dust and swap out often but still need to deep clean once in a while.

Cleaning Under Furniture

So you’ve vacuumed and wiped down the tops of doors, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture across your home. 

Now, it’s time to tackle the areas underneath your furniture. It’s hard to imagine how dust can defy gravity and stick to the undersides of our furniture – but believe us, it can. 

Not to gross you out as house cleaners, we can also tell you that since these areas are dark and cool, there tend to be lots of spider webs & nests in these areas too. 

It’s important to clean these areas every couple of weeks properly. All you need to do is use a disinfectant and wipe them down with a damp cloth or use a feather duster. 

Once done, it’s time for that final vacuum and mop to remove any remaining dust and debris around your home! 

Cleaning Equipment & Tools

Phew! So you’ve wiped your walls and cleaned the tops, bottoms, and insides of your furniture. You’ve even finished the vacuuming & mopping!

You must be done, right? Well, not quite yet – your cleaning equipment needs maintenance too! 

These tools remove dirt from your home, so some of it – even if you empty the vacuum, remains in them. 

To give your equipment, tools and cleaning surface a quick once-over: 

  1. Clean your electronic tools out once a month (or depending on your equipment manufacturer’s instructions & how often you use them).
  2. Use hot water to clean mops, cloths, and brushes to make sure you disinfect them. 
  3. Empty the dust bag in your vacuum regularly – and depending on the type of vacuum, wipe the insides too. 
  4. Pay attention to the filter in your vacuum cleaner. Wipe according to instructions and replace them routinely so your vacuum can do its job efficiently. 
  5. Since stray bits of thread and hair build up over time, so don’t forget to clean your vacuum’s rotary bar. 
  6. Clean, disinfect and wipe down your sinks and tapware.

Oh! And while you’re at it – give your keyboards, phone screens, and other high-touch objects a good wipe down now and then. 

If this sounds too tiring and time-consuming, remember – when in doubt, a professional home cleaning is your way out!