What can you possibly give to the woman who can do it all? Finding the perfect gift for mom that shows her how much she’s appreciated while remaining thoughtful and practical at the same time is a pretty tall ask.

So, to help you celebrate your mum, mother-in-law or even your grandma – we’ve put together a list of ideas for every kind of mum out there!

1. Gift Baskets – For The Mum Who Has It All

Let’s knock this one out first. So your mother has practically everything she wants – and you really aren’t sure what you can get her. Well, in that case, a gift basket – or a gift card even, works wonders! 

Put together a gift basket with some of her favourite foods, snacks, wines or even something useful for her hobbies. These could be things that she buys herself frequently or even something she only splurges on occasionally. 

Remember, it’s just the thought that counts. 

Step up your game a little bit and include a little note with the basket that explains the contents of the basket as well as making the gift extra special too! 

If you’re running short on time – or these items won’t get to you in time, get her a gift card. 

Sure, people think that gift cards are the easy way out – but trust us – there are so many options out there, from specially curated experiences to travel cards or even one to her favourite store. 

With this, you’ll be able to remove the stress of finding exactly what she wants – and it allows her to pick something that she truly likes and needs! 

2. Spa Treatments – For The Mum Who Loves Her Me Time

Working so hard for her family, every mum needs a little extra TLC. And what could be better than treating her to a pampering spa day?

To help her get some much-needed rest & relaxation, you can choose to send her to the spa or even get an at-home spa service done – yes, that’s possible too! 

You can get practically any service for her, from massages & facials to the usual manicures and pedicures. Most spas and salons will have special deals for mother’s day, so you can check around town and find the one that best suits the types of services you’d like to gift to your mother.

Complete the day by treating her to a nice lunch afterwards, too!

3. House cleaning – For The Busy Mum

Surprise your mother with a beautiful, organised and clean home this mothers day! Spend the day of – or the one before – cleaning & organising her home while you let your mom put her feet up and relax. 

However, if cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, or you would rather spend some quality time with her – but still help spruce the house up a little bit, hire professional cleaners

Not only will this result in giving the house a little facelift, but it also helps keep things hygienic and will reduce the workload in cleaning up for days to follow!

There are so many options when it comes to home cleaning services. Take a close look around your mother’s home and see if any areas need special attention – like the oven or upholstery – & you can get a targeted cleaning service for those areas only. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to give every nook & cranny of the home a good thorough cleaning, you can choose to get a complete deep-cleaning service done while you both get to spend some quality time together! Try to go out for a quick meal, do a little shopping, watch the latest movie, & then magically come back to a clean house!

4. Jewellery – For The Mum Who Loves A Little Extra Sparkle

Jewellery always makes a great gift, even more so when you know that it might not be something your mother usually splurges on. From a delicate bracelet, a beautiful necklace, to even a simple but elegant pair of earrings, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

A great way to start is by looking at the jewellery pieces that she already owns and finding ones to complement them or help give you ideas for what to buy.

Don’t worry, though! This doesn’t need to be expensive at all. There will always be deals available online, so a bit of research is all you need to put in. Another way to find unique, quality pieces is by taking a walk around your neighbourhood & find some unique pieces that fit your mum’s personality. 

Antiquing is also a great place to find some fantastic pieces that she won’t be able to find herself.

So give one of these ideas a go and show this special lady in your life just how much she means to you and your family!