Do you know how important it is to clean the exterior of your home and take care of it the way you do the interior?

Sure, it may seem like a little bit of extravagance at first; after all, isn’t the job of the exterior of your home to protect the interior from harsh weather conditions and dirt too?

Well, yes, but maintaining the exterior of your home has a whole range of other benefits too!

Just check out our compilation of a few of the benefits an exterior house cleaning offers you! 

Preventing Structural Damage

Harsh summer sun, windy and rainy days, even UV rays and pollutants, your home’s exterior is exposed to it all! 

What’s more is that mould, dirt, and grime tend to accumulate quite quickly too. Over time, this buildup starts causing permanent damage to your home’s structure. 

There are crevices in your home’s exterior, like tiny cracks in the walls, underneath window sills or in between your roofing. These areas are cool, shaded and damp, making them the perfect environment for mould to thrive. 

Mould typically feeds off paint and finishes used on your home’s roofing, walls and other exterior finishes. They also begin causing structural damage as they grow and spread, like eating away at the wood on your patio or entryway steps. 

Finding these areas and reaching them can be hard to do by yourself. And the hard truth is that they will inevitably grow back again. 

Professional services almost always use power washers to help remove stubborn stains, mould and other grime. They also know the right solutions to use to slow down re-growth!


Why spend all this time landscaping your front and backyard if your house walls are stained and the exterior just looks unkept? 

Plus, for those outdoor parties and barbecues, wouldn’t you want to have your house looking fantastic, both inside and outside?

Now, the easiest way to give your home a facelift is through a good washing of the entire exterior – roofing, patio, fence, entryways and driveways included! 

Another option is to simply re-paint your home to get it looking great again. 

However, if you’re looking to do this, we’ll let you in on a professional secret. Usually, when you get the exterior of your home repainted, the first (and most crucial) step painters will employ is to use a pressure washer to make sure that the walls are clean and dry. 

This is because the paint used on the exterior will only stick to the walls and dry properly when the surface is clean. 

So, they will use a pressure washer to strip off old paint residue, dirt and grime and help smoothen the surface. 

Saves Money In The Long Run

Want to be the envy of your neighbours? Well, having that flawlessly maintained home is the perfect way to do so! 

However, to maintain that picture-perfect look, you will find that you need to re-paint your walls, fix broken woodwork, re-tile your roofs, and so much more!

It’s a tiring and very expensive affair! 

Well, what if we told you that by keeping up with your exterior house cleaning, you could, in fact, accomplish the look you want and save money in the bargain too! 

Hear us out. By regularly removing mould, grime, and other dirt, you will find that you’ll need to keep fixing things less over time. 

And sure, it will cost money to buy the tools and solutions needed, and it may take up a lot of time, but it’s well worth it! 

You can alternatively hire a home cleaning service with trained professionals to do the job for you! Not only will this help you save a lot of your time, but you also won’t need to buy expensive cleaning solutions or equipment either. Plus, with these professionals’ experience-based knowledge, they will get your home cleaned better than you could imagine!

Oh, and did we mention that aside from making your home look good for yourself, you will actually increase the value of your home – should you ever be in the market to sell it. 

Removes Potential Health Hazards

Mould, grime and dust affect how your home looks on the outside, but they’re also detrimental to your health. 

Some studies show that approximately 20% of New Zealanders suffer from hay fever. It’s common knowledge that hay fever is an allergic reaction to particles in the environment like dust, mould, pollen etc. 

And this is just one of the many health risks that a buildup of grime and dirt can do to your health. 

An exterior house cleaning helps remove these particles from around your home (thereby reducing it inside too). This goes a long way in helping prevent your family members from getting sick or dealing with nasty allergy attacks.

And it’s not just the walls we’re talking about. Moss tends to accumulate on driveways and entryways, making these areas slippery. A thorough cleaning will get rid of it, helping reduce the risk of personal injury too.

The Bottom Line

So you see, a proper exterior house cleaning keeps allergens, dirt and grime away while simultaneously making sure your home looks brand new from the outside. 

You can always hire a professional cleaning service with trained home cleaners for a house wash in Auckland that will help you save a lot of time, effort and even money in the long run too!

Depending on the size of your home, we recommend getting a home exterior cleaning done at least once or twice a year to keep up with your home maintenance needs!