Carpets and rugs can be used for various reasons in a space. They can insulate a space, make it more comfortable, reduce noise, and add texture and colour to the floor. A carpet or a rug can elevate your space and make it more inviting, warm, and snug. Further, they act as a support system for toddlers, children, and pets. They are undoubtedly one of the most defining elements and can lend a drastically different character based on the purpose of the room, making carpet cleaning an essential task.

As comfortable and homely as they are, they are also closest to the floor and get dirty easily. Carpet stains can stick out like sore thumbs and be very embarrassing. Hence, like a rug owner it is important we learn how to clean them for optimum beauty and use. Moreover, a clean carpet indicates a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. 

Here is a quick guide that you can follow to remove tough stains from your carpet- 

Carpet Cleaning Immediate Hack: Blot Spills and Liquids as Soon as Possible

Let the carpet not absorb what’s spilled on it. Keep a piece of cloth handy to blot carpet spills. The cloth should be such that it quickly absorbs liquid, leaving little to no liquid behind in the rug or the carpet. A kitchen towel or tissue paper can also be used for the same. Avoid aggressive blotting or stomping and scrubbing the blotter. This will drive the stain deeper into the carpet’s padding. The quicker you are from blotting the liquid, the less you’d have to struggle to remove the stain and clean your carpet. 

Pick Out Any Solid Dirt

Solids can be instantly picked up from the carpet or rug. You can simply wear a glove and pick up all the solid particles that may have fallen. A putty knife can also be used to scrape off solids that are a bit sticky. However, to remove sticky solids like chewing gum, you may need to deep clean the carpet with the help of professional cleaners. They use equipment that hardens the debris and helps them lose its grip over the fibre of the rug or the carpet.

Dampen Stains with Water

The next step is to dampen a cloth and gently rub or pat the stain with it. Remember not to rub the carpet aggressively as that will drive the stain deeper and ruin your carpet’s fibre. Pour a cup of water along with 1/4th teaspoon of mild dish detergent into an empty spray bottle. Let the water absorb the detergent and then spray the mixture on your carpet. This simple mixture should help you clean the stubborn stains. In the case that you are unable to clean it off, consult a professional cleaner right away. The longer you let the stain remain the harder it will be to clean it off.

Use a Vinegar Mix

A great homemade solution for old water stains is the white vinegar mixture. Take white vinegar and warm water in equal parts and dab the solution with a damp cloth. Let the solution sit for a while and then dab them again with a dry cloth to absorb the solution along with the stain. 

In case that doesn’t work, consider scheduling a professional cleaning service like those of NexDo. They use a great range of professional cleaning solutions like carpet shampoos that are sure to do the trick.

Make a Baking Soda Solution

Baking Soda works wonders when it comes to removing grease stains as well as odour from carpets and rugs. Blot the stained area as instructed previously and sprinkle dry baking soda on the stain. Leave it to rest overnight. Vacuum clean the stained area the next morning as the final step.

For non-greasy stains, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda and then lightly mist the stain with hot water. Let the mixture sit on the stain for at least three hours. Vacuum the stained area for a fresher-looking carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Hack Notes:

Please note: we must be careful while using any and each of these solutions. Certain products like detergents when left behind on carpets can attract mold, bacteria, and fungi. Instead of cleaning the carpet, it may make it all dirtier. Hence, it is often best to resort to the services of professional cleaners who have years of experience in the field.

Unstained carpets can also be full of dust and bacteria. Regular vacuuming can clean the loose dirt, pet hair, and crumbles, but a deep cleaning is essential for removing fungi bacteria, and mold. Professional carpet cleaners can even be even cheaper than trying and retrying home remedies and waiting for them to work. 

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