Carpets are one of the most popular soft furnishings for any home. Not only do they add a feeling of warmth and comfort, but depending on the type of carpet, they even amp up the room’s style quotient. However, there is a downside to having carpeted flooring in your home – and that’s the maintenance. After a while – despite our best efforts, our carpets tend to look a little dingy and worn out. No matter the colour or the carpet’s material, they’re always notoriously hard to clean. 

Our daily vacuuming is enough for a superficial clean – sure, it removes some dust and dirt – but carpets hold more than we realise, from catching tiny food crumbs, absorbing liquid spills, and storing dust and dirt brought in from the outside. So, the best way to make sure it’s up to scratch – you’d need to hire a carpet cleaning service. These services perform specialised treatments to your carpets that will help to spruce it right up, get rid of the stains and dirt, and help extend the life of your carpet. 

Before you go ahead and hire a carpet cleaning service – and get the best out of one – there are a few things that you should know. 

Do Your Homework on Carpet Cleaning

First things first, you need to shortlist a few professional cleaning services before choosing one. The quality of the carpet cleaning service depends on the company you hire. So, when you’re going through different service providers, here’s a quick checklist to run through:

  • Services provided

Find out the type of carpet services they provide – and the methods they employ. Different techniques like steam cleaning, carpet shampooing, dry soil removal, etc., are all meant for specific needs. So make sure they have the one for you. 

  • Check quotes

Ensure that their services and costs suit your budget and needs. Talk to the service provider to ensure there will not be any sneaky hidden fees or surprises that you have to face. 

  • Read company reviews and guarantees.

Have a look through testimonials and reviews online. These are essential factors for determining how the company handles their clients and follows through with the claims they make. 

  • Find out if they have insurance.

This is important in case there’s any damage due to the cleaning. You see, there’s always a risk that an incorrect mix of cleaning solutions or inadequate equipment ends up damaging your carpet. A company with insurance will help cover the costs in case something happens. 

List Out The Rooms To Clean 

Next, make a list of the rooms that will require carpet cleaning. It is also beneficial to know the area in sqm of these rooms, as some companies charge based on area – and not the number or type of rooms. 

Your dining and living rooms usually need special attention, from food spills to dust and dirt accumulating when people come home. Carpets in these areas also tend to fall flat after a while. This happens for many reasons – having people walking on them, children and pets playing, or even having heavy furniture placed for long periods of time. 

Check Out Any Unusual Carpet Stains

Once you’ve figured out which rooms need a carpet cleaning – carefully check to see which areas need special attention.

You see, removing that stubborn red wine spill needs different cleaning solutions than, say, some sticky glue from your child’s latest craft project or any pet stains. 

Also, keep in mind the use of each room – for instance, since we eat our meals in the dining room, food might fall on the floor at times. While some stains may be noticeable – others like oil stains – are not. 

It’s important to let the carpet cleaners know in advance of the types of stains and dirt they will have to clean, so they come prepared. 

Plan Out Your Carpet Cleaning Booking

Check the amount of time this job will take with the carpet cleaning service. Usually, depending on your room’s size and the intensity of the cleaning required, the full service could take 45 minutes to even a couple of hours. And, once the job is done, you may be required to let your carpet air-dry for a few hours before it can be used again. Plan to do this on a day where you can leave your windows open too – this will help the carpets dry quicker. Additionally, you want to ensure that the cleaners won’t have any interruptions or distractions, so schedule the cleaning when no one is home.

Move Furniture Out Of The Way

To make the job easier for the cleaners, make sure that you move as much furniture – and small items – as possible out of the way. Not only will this help reduce the time it takes to get the job done – but it will also help the cleaners reach all areas that need cleaning. 

Due to safety guidelines, most cleaning services do not include moving heavy items of furniture like sofas, tables, and beds – but worry not – you have options:

  • Find a way to move – or dismantle – these items for the time being or
  • Ask the cleaners to clean only around the base of your furniture – and underneath if possible.

Leave it to the professionals

When the cleaners arrive, walk them through your home, show them areas of concern, and inform them of any other information you think would be beneficial. 

If you have people with any special sensitivities – or if you want to make sure they are using pet-safe products, you can also ask them questions about the cleaning solutions and the methods they will use while cleaning your homes’ carpets. 

Another helpful tip is to get their professional opinion on how often you should get your carpets cleaned. Usually, twice a year is enough, but this depends on your lifestyle.

You’ve done the work, hired the professionals – now take a break and relax!