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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Imagine yourself in this scenario: you are about to move apartments and your current apartment’s bond money is withheld because you accidentally spilled wine on the floor. You are down to two choices - leave it to the landlord and get your bond money deducted by a large amount or you get it cleaned yourself.

Who is NexDo?

NexDo, founded in 2020, is an app-based platform that lets you book home services from home cleaning services, pet sitting, car wash, home massage, and many more. This innovative technology which is available via an app and website has just launched in Auckland with expansion plans across New Zealand. It bridges the gap between the customers’ service requirements and the company’s exceptional service partners. All you need to do is look for your service needs from the categorized listing and the technology connects you to service providers in your region.

NexDo measures its quality of service by enabling a rating system for both customers and service providers. In order for the service providers to stay on the platform, they must maintain a rating of at least 4.6 out of 5 in the app.

NexDo is a new player in the New Zealand market that aims to grow and provide services - doorstep to doorstep. The brand offers value and convenience only by a few taps. Aside from making the booking process convenient, NexDo eliminates the hassle of back and forth negotiations from service providers.

What services does NexDo offer?

Currently, NexDo lists the following services on its app and web store for home services in Auckland:

  • Home Cleaning - Regular and Deep Cleaning

  • End of Lease Cleaning - Regular and Intense Cleaning

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

  • Car Wash and Car Valet

  • Mobile Massage

  • Pet Sitting

How the technology works

In order to book a job through NexDo, you will have to sign up on the app or web store. The steps to book services are below:

  • Choose your service. Go through the different categories listed and choose among the services best suited for your needs. NexDo charges upfront pricing that is listed under each service.

  • Schedule booking. After choosing a service, you choose a time and date that is convenient for the service provider to perform their services. You can even opt for a recurring booking as per your wish. A professional will be assigned to you two hours before your booked time.

  • Chill out. The professional will come to your house and provide the service. Sit back, relax, and leave the job to the professionals!

From the competitive prices on the app, you can get your bedroom cleaned at $18 and your carpet cleaned at $15! NexDo’s team ensures that the job is carried out smoothly and that both customers and service providers are satisfied.

NexDo’s Vision

The aim of this technology is to empower small businesses in New Zealand by giving them easier access to customers seeking home service(s). On the other hand, it provides convenience to customers by getting services done within the comfort of their homes!

To book services, go to or Download the App

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