Book for a Lawn Mowing service from NexDo

Need to tidy up your lawn but don’t have the time or tools? You can now book lawn mowing services from NexDo!

NexDo provides mowing services - whether it's one-off or regular. We ensure your lawns will be well-kept and neat. We are dedicated to satisfy customers and make sure their needs are met. Offering various home services, NexDo has a database of professionals that are vetted and experienced to make sure that your gardens are in safe hands.

In order to book, follow the steps below:

  • Choose your service. Go through the different categories listed and choose among the services best suited for your needs. NexDo charges upfront pricing that is listed under each service.

  • Schedule booking. After choosing a service, you choose a time and date that is convenient for the service provider to perform their services. You can even opt for a recurring booking as per your wish. A professional will be assigned to you two hours before your booked time.

  • Chill out. The professional will come to your house and provide the service. Sit back, relax, and leave the job to the professionals!

You can get your lawns tidy from $40 - without the hassle of negotiation! NexDo’s team ensures that the job is carried out smoothly and that both customers and service providers are satisfied.

To book a lawn mowing service, go to or Download the App

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