Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Service


1. How do I book a service?

    • In order to book a service, follow the steps below:

      • Search for the category you need

      • Click on the category and book the service you are interested in

      • Once you have booked the service, wait for a professional to be assigned to you. A trained professional will be assigned 1 hour before the scheduled time.

      • The assigned professional will reach the address you have provided to deliver the service.


2. How do I cancel a booking?

    • Rescheduling for a different time is also an option if you are unable to avail of service at a specific time. In order to cancel a booking, follow the steps below:

      • Search for the booking you want to cancel

      • Click on cancel

      • Select the reason to cancel and submit

  • The terms and conditions for cancellation are below:

    • Cancellations within 5 mins of booking - no cancellation fee

    • Cancellations  after 5 mins till the start of the job - $20 cancellation fee

    • Cancellations made on site (When the professional is at your house) - 50% of the total cost of the job


3. How to reschedule a booking?

  • Rescheduling 3 hours before the initial appointment - no rescheduling fee

  • Rescheduling within 3 hours prior to scheduled appointment - $10 rescheduling fee

  • Rescheduling within 45 minutes prior to scheduled appointment - 50% of the total cost of the job

  • You can follow the steps below to reschedule service(s) for a different time:

    • Search for the booking you want to reschedule

    • Click on cancel

    • Click on reschedule

    • Select your preferred time slot and submit


4. How do I know if my request is confirmed?

  • Once you place a booking, you will receive a confirmation via email informing you that the booking has been accepted. A trained professional will be assigned immediately.


5. How can I contact the professional?

  • The professional’s contact details are shared with you in the booking section of your app. Open your booking page and look for the professional’s contact details.


6. What if the professional comes late to deliver the service?

  • Our professionals generally reach within the scheduled time of booking. Our team gets notified when the professionals start their jobs. A NexDo representative will be in contact with you in case our professionals arrive late. For any complications, please get in touch with us via email.


7. How can I rate and review the service of a professional?

  • You will be asked to rate and give a review on the professional every time after a service has been provided. 


8. Am I able to book the same professional for my next service?

  • You can rate your preferred professional with 5 stars and they will be assigned to you for the next service if they are available. 


Paying for Services

1. How do I pay for services?

  • All services must be paid for upon booking. You can pay using debit or credit cards


2. Refund policy 

  • On cancellation of a request, the refund takes 14 business days to reflect into your account.


A Guide to Nexdo

About NexDo


NexDo is New Zealand’s app-based home service platform. We are an efficient home services platform that connects customers to skilled professionals from the comfort of their homes. We provide a database of various skilled and reliable professionals to choose from specific services at a fixed price in a range of various categories from home cleaning, pet sitting, massage, etc. 


We bridge the gap between your service requirements and our exceptional service providers. Look for your service needs from our categorised listing and we will connect you to service providers in your region.


Our vision is to deliver unprecedented service quality to KIWI homes. NexDo is a platform that allows users that are seeking specific services to connect with skilled and experienced professionals in the field. Once on the platform, the algorithm identifies professionals who are closest to the users’ requirements and available at the requested time and date.