Getting Rid of Mould from Windows

Mould is a fungus that grows on almost any damp surface. Moulds of various kinds grow and multiply rapidly when their airborne spores meet with moisture. Moulds are resilient and oftentimes return with a vengeance even after being scrubbed away with soap and water. You will find mould in cool, dark and damp corners of […]

How to Get Crayon Marks Off your Walls

Is your child showing signs of being the next Picasso or da Vinci? Don’t worry about their crayon doodles on the walls, just celebrate their creativity! Instead of stopping children from running the occasional crayon or two along the walls, encourage them to spill their minds on paper. While it takes seconds to colour the […]

15 FAQs about Home Cleaning Answered

A clean and decluttered space enhances daily productivity and mental health. However, it is the process of cleaning that we often struggle with. We oftentimes get stuck because we don’t know where to start. The room cupboards or the kitchen cabinets? The list of nooks that need cleaning is endless.  NexDo curates a team of […]

4 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from NexDo

What can you possibly give to the woman who can do it all? Finding the perfect gift for mom that shows her how much she’s appreciated while remaining thoughtful and practical at the same time is a pretty tall ask. So, to help you celebrate your mum, mother-in-law or even your grandma – we’ve put […]

Home Cleaning in Hamilton 

​Home cleaning is often the most feared item on every to-do list. It is an arduous task that keeps us boxed in, sometimes on the sunniest of days, preventing us from painting the town red as we polish the floor instead.  However, you should worry no more because now NexDo is expanding to Hamilton! NexDo’s […]

NexDo Launches in Hamilton

Our story began in 2019 as Sakshin Niranjan realized the need to connect home service providers with customers in New Zealand. NexDo, now one of the leading home service providers in NZ, started out as the “Uber for home services” – a one-stop solution to all your cleaning-related problems. NexDo recruits professionals who are trained […]

5 Tips for an Odour Free Home

Have you ever felt like there was always an odour lingering around no matter how many times you undertake a house cleaning? That’s because smells have a way of sticking to fabric and staying in your home making them really hard to get rid of.  So here’s our quick guide of 5 easy tips to […]

Home Cleaning in Christchurch

New experiences can be daunting, and if the idea of having people you don’t know come in to clean your home worries you – we get it. If you’re on the fence about treating yourself to a great home cleaning in Christchurch – and need a little help deciding, we’ve got all the reasons you should […]

5 Spots You’re Missing in Your Home Cleaning Routine

Vacuum. Mop. Laundry. Dishes. Repeat.  Does this sound familiar to you? It does to us. It’s a regular home cleaning day-to-day checklist. Sure, it does a good job keeping things tidy, but is it really enough? Maybe not. You see, there are a few areas you sometimes forget to clean. Of course, home cleaning is […]

NexDo is now in Christchurch

First Auckland, then Wellington, and now we’re bringing our stellar home services to Christchurch!  And we can’t wait to tell you what we have in store.  But first, here’s a little bit about how we got started Our story all began in Auckland when our founder, Sakshin Niranjan, came up with the idea to connect […]